Thursday, November 28, 2013

Syafiqah Zazali

As you requested lol.

Hi Pqock,
I'm just..speechless.
Thank you for everything weh.
For all those memories since Form 2 2010 and the greatest memories in 2011
and also the greatest awesome freaking deskmate in 2012.
I wanted to give you my bracelet that I love very much.
But I forgot about it yesterday.
The bracelet isn't as expensive as a diamond,
but it's really priceless.
So I'm giving something that I love only to you, a friend that I'll always love.
Because you're priceless and I'll never find a friend like you.
As I said to you before,
the bracelet or even a diamond can't be compared,
to our memories for 4 years that is extremely priceless.
I'm sorry for mistakes I've done. 
Thank God you still can stand with my attitude lololo ^^
I got much to write but I forgot what I wanted to.
Whatever happen soon, just remember that I'll always love you.
I know this "I love you, friend." won't help you when you're in trouble someday.
But remember, there's still a person, here in Selising, Pasir Puteh,
that is still love you and you'll never alone because
I promise that I'll reply your message when you're helpless.
Hahaha kay.
Too much 'love' word. It sounds cheesy, aight?

We'll always be Ms. Tough and Ms. Macho.
Bye :')

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Emmmm :/

Bukan aku yang tak laku.
Tapi aku tak murah.